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    • Welcome to Far-North Idaho

      Far-North Idaho is a way of life and a mindset that starts at the lake in Sandpoint to the south and goes somewhere north of Porthill, and west amongst the Selkirk Mountains at Priest River, and east roughly to the Cabinet mountains and Clark Fork with Bonners Ferry right in the heart of it all.

      There is no place like this place anyplace, not even close to this place, so this place must be the place!

      From Snowmobiling, Snowshoeing and Skiing, to Hunting, Hiking Camping and Fishing, from Whitewater kayaking to Lazy river floating, from Huckleberries, Smoked Kokanee to Elk Smokies it's all right here in Far-North Idaho, And there's plenty for everybody, don't dream it, live it !

      And hey ! if you need gear for you Far-North Idaho lifestyle, what a coincidence, that's what we do ! We can help with that.

      Remember "right now you're older than you've ever been, but you're the youngest you'll ever be, so what are you waiting for ?

      Plan your escape, get the gear, and   Get Outside !


Because of the love for Far-North Idaho (Sandpoint, Bonners Ferry. Priest River, Priest Lake, Clark Fork, Hope etc.) and the popularity of the original Far-North Idaho Hoody, we have branched out, creating new designs and products, making them readily available with easy shopping on your phone, tablet or computer. Sometimes it gets hard to find the time to drive around down town, find a parking spot, shopping two or three places, stand in line, wait for a clerk, run your card, grab your bag, find your car…etc.  so we end up Amazon-ing it, makes sense, comfortable, no stress, it’s here in a few days, and at a good price. We believe in keeping business local, but don’t believe that you should pay a premium or deal with the hassle. With this in mind, we created “Far-North General Store” a way for you to shop LOCAL. Keeping your $$ LOCAL , while promoting LOCAL  without giving up that “Online” convenience or 2-day delivery. 🙂  “CLICK” on the Far-North General Store logo, to check it out.